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New bespoke lead generation service from EDM Media

Howard Lake | 28 April 2008 | News

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EDM Media UK has launched Nextday, a bespoke lead generation service that offers pre-qualified, exclusive warm leads that are verified by telemarketing. The tool is designed to help direct marketers at cut campaign wastage in donor recruitment.
The UK launch at this week’s International Direct Marketing Fair at London’s Earls Court 2 follows Nextday’s success in Europe with clients such as Greenpeace, Vodafone and VISA.
John Eddolls, Director of EDM Projects UK, said: “The Nextday service provides the charity with fresh new warm leads for their exclusive use – real people, that the charity knows have confirmed interest in showing support either financially or for an event, who have given their permission to be contacted by that organisation.”
He added that Nextday differed from other lead generation services because it pre-qualifies the data with the individual. “Nextday is different”, he said, “in sourcing the initial prospect data via a variety of channels, such as face-to-face, email, digital, and call centres with consumers having responded to a questionnaire or survey. Bespoke questions relevant for specific offers can be researched as a fast, hotline lead service collected by face-to-face agents on PDA’s for instantaneous uploads…
“We then go on to verify and qualify definite warm leads via our own follow-up telephone verification, which provides a further opportunity to research bespoke questions to provide quality assured contacts ready and waiting for your message.”
Nextday complements EDM Media’s other services such as EDM Projects, a bespoke recruitment service that provides converted leads (customers that make a confirmed purchase) on a risk free, pay-per-converted-lead basis; and Everyday Consumers, a database source for rental data that collects new names on a daily basis via shopping centre surveys across the UK.