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Another Peace lll strand announced

Howard Lake | 14 April 2008 | News

A consortium led by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council and Border Action has announced details of another round of Peace lll funding which will focus on Strand 3 – Securing the Future.
Priority 1.2 has three strands — Addressing the Past in Public Memory, Promoting Participation and Securing the Future.
Addressing the Past will focus on legacy and memory of the conflict and will be advertised in by public tender shortly. Promoting Participation will provide advice and support services for victims and will open in June. Securing the Future will fund work designed to prevent outbreaks of violence in the future and opens today, with a closure date of 13th June 2008.
The application process for Securing the Future requires completion of an online Part A which is available at www.eugrants.org. Part B and accompanying ./guidance notes are available at pa********@ni***.uk or Co***********@bo**********.ie.