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Chapel and York suggest you 'donate a directory'

Chapel and York suggest you 'donate a directory'

Directory of American Grantmakers 2008-09International fundraising consultancy Chapel and York have come up with an excellent idea to boost the impact of their new ‘Directory of American Grantmakers’ publication. They are encouraging fundraisers to buy the book and donate a copy in PDF format to the charity of their choice, anywhere in the world, at no extra charge.

The directory features profiles of over 700 American foundations that make grants outside the USA, so is likely to be a valuable tool to many organisations around the world, not all of which will be able to afford it.

"We know that this Directory could be of huge assistance to organisations in developing countries, many of whom can’t afford to buy it," said Barbara Davidson, Chapel & York’s new Communications Manager, who suggested the Donate a Directory scheme. "It could make a real difference in their search for funds".

I wonder if any of the other sector publishers will pick up this idea and offer it to their customers.

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