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Philanthropy UK redesigns its website

Howard Lake | 19 September 2007 | News

Philanthropy UK, the resource for aspiring philanthropists, has redeveloped its website to offer “practical information and tools to enable donors to give effectively and to make a positive contribution to their community.”

This updated website includes commentaries from philanthropists and advisors, a snapshot of charity and giving trends, information on the different methods of tax-efficient giving; and a range of toher resources, including a downloadable copy of the 2005 second edition of “A Guide to Giving” edited by Philanthropy UK’s Director Susan Mackenzie.

All together these provide an intelligent ‘how to get started’ tool-kit. There also are full listings of the wide range of advisors who can be contacted


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

“Our aim is to support and encourage people who are serious about their charitable giving,” said Susan Mackenzie. “With the dramatic increase in wealth in Britain, more individuals want to give, and this website helps them to have the confidence that their money is really making a difference.”

Philanthropy UK is an initiative of the Association of Charitable Foundations and is supported by a range of charitable foundations, including the Gatsby Foundation and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, with funding from the Cabinet Office.