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Volunteers needed for F2F conference

Howard Lake | 2 September 2007 | News

The organisers of the Where Now for Face-to-Face Fundraising? conference on 27 September are looking for a couple of volunteers to help out on the day.

The conference, which covers topics such as what our donors lok like, what the Charities Act means for face-to-face fundraisers, prospecting, using in-house teams and face-to-face and the media, takes place at City University.

Organiser Penny Stephens said: The conference is the first on face-to-face fundraising for some time, and we think the time is right to look at what’s been happening in the market and how it has changed, as well as looking ahead to see what the future could hold for such an astoundingly successful technique.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

We need a couple of volunteers to help out on the day – helping to register delegates, making sure speakers have all they need – and would like to offer these places to people from smaller organisations who are thinking about, or already taking part in, face-to-face programmes. Volunteers will still be able to attend all the sessions throughout the day.

Anyone who is interested should contact Penny at ba***********@bl********.uk explaining what organisation you are from and why you would like to volunteer.