How about a social giving website?

Howard Lake | 22 December 2006 | Blogs is a “social shopping” site, another Web 2.0 concept which operates on the concept of “buzz”. It helps visitors find what is selling well but more importantly what other shoppings are looking at, recommending and commenting on. Products with the most buzz propogate to the top of the list, those that don’t disappear to the bottom.
You can also ensure that you’re not relying on recommendations from anonymous or perhaps pseudonymous people trying to boost their products’ ranking on the sly by using a network of your trusted contacts and friends who use the site.
It’s a nice concept, and could yet prove useful for charities that sell products. However, there is no sign of the word ‘charity’ in the tag cloud, and only two items appear in the search results for ‘charity’. So, no sign yet of any beneficiary gifts or virtual goats.
But the site could be a useful model for charities and donors. Has anyone created a charity version where donors rate, comment on and actually donate to charities? You can blog and comment on charities on various sites, and read reviews or comments on them, but there doesn’t appear to be a charity version of yet that uses “buzz” about charities.
Is anyone planning to create one?