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Giving Matters to present at UK Fundraising Perfect Pitch – Gift Aid

Howard Lake | 14 June 2006 | News

Giving Matters Ltd, a philanthropy capital/business consultancy hybrid, will be presenting at UK Fundraising’s Perfect Pitch – Gift Aid on 28 June 2006 in London.
Adrian Melrose, a founder of the company, will be presenting on free one-day event at the Inmarsat Conference Centre in central London.
A Chartered Accountant by training, Adrian has a background in business consulting and technology.
He says that “Giving Matters believes that, on the whole, UK charities are too busy with service delivery or donor recruitment, they don’t appear to be asking themselves enough questions: they don’t seem to be committed to measurement and analysis”.
As a result, he adds: “Too many opportunities are being overlooked, simple cost-effective technologies aren’t being implemented. Giving Matters is here to change that.”
Amongst several of the conversations Adrian is initiating in his blog, he is interested in understanding why it would appear that the charitable sector is apparently missing out on Gift Aid claims of almost £800 million per year.
In his presentation at UK Fundraising’s Perfect Pitch, Adrian says he won’t pretend to have the answers, but he will join in the Gift Aid conversation by posing some interesting questions to charities and donors alike. He will also share some of the results of an informal online survey on Gift Aid and online giving. The survey is still open.
There is no charge to attend Perfect Pitch – Gift Aid but pre-registration is required.



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