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Acevo becomes registered charity

Howard Lake | 11 June 2006 | News

The Charity Commission has registered the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (acevo) as a charity with the objective of working to promote the third sector for the benefit of the public.

Acevo was established in 1987, acevo provides advice and training to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and works with a range of third sector organisations.

The Charity Commission recognised the promotion of the voluntary sector as a charitable purpose in its own right in 2004. Professional bodies may be charitable if they are established for a charitable purpose for the public benefit, as opposed to promoting private interests.


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Andrew Hind, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission, said: “Promoting the voluntary sector for the benefit of the public is a charitable purpose which is increasingly relevant to support today’s community-based organisations. Acevo carries out valuable work in support of the third sector and we welcome its transition into a registered charity.”