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Voluntary payment sought for charity sector legal updates

Howard Lake | 11 September 2005 | News

After six years of publishing at no charge the legal update website for voluntary organisations, and its email notification service, Sandy Adirondack is inviting users to make an annual voluntary payment of £20 + VAT per organisation to cover her costs.

Sandy, co-author of the best-selling “Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook”, is clear that she will not be charging for access to her site or email alerts.

“There is no way I will do this,” she said, “as the whole point of the service is to be freely and easily available, especially to small or impoverished organisations who may not otherwise have access to regularly updated legal information.”


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She is seeking the payments to enable her to dedicate one or two days a month to updating the excellent resource.

The issue of covering costs for publishing a free and independent publication is of course faced by many other people and organisations, both online and offline. The honour system can work, and it is to be hoped that Sandy’s appeal is successful, but it is sadly unwise to rely on it as the only source of income.