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New head of Central Fundraising at RNLI

Howard Lake | 5 August 2005 | News

Richard Popper has joined the RNLI as Head of Central Fundraising and Communications.

Popper joined RNLI in May 2005 from Zurich Bank where he was Head of Marketing.

He explained the challenge of his role: “the RNLI is reliant on legacies and its extensive network of community fundraisers for income. And although we will continue to support these areas, we have to plan for the future. Last year it cost £119 million to run the RNLI, so the RNLI has to ensure it can generate income from many sources, which makes for an exciting time right now as we increase investment in supporter marketing, corporate fundraising, high level donors and trusts.”


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The RNLI aims to expand its membership by 100 per cent over the next few years by investing in core supporter recruitment activities, significantly increasing its direct marketing programme.

His appointment coincided with a restructure of of the Central Fundraising Management Team. RNLI’s Philippa Thompson has been promoted to National Corporate Fundraising Manager, and Amanda Mitchell joins the team from the RNLI Sales Company’s marketing function, to head up supporter marketing activities, focused on member retention and development.

The charity is also recruiting for the new posts of Database Marketing Manager, Membership Marketing Manager and Legacy Marketing Manager.