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Espotting donates £20,000 after online vote

Howard Lake | 19 January 2005 | News

Online advertising company Espotting has donated £20,000 to four international charities instead of sending Christmas cards. The amounts given depended on an online vote by clients and other site visitors in the run-up to Christmas.

Save the Children received 42% of the vote so was given £8,400. The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) received 24% so got £4,800. Amnesty International received 20% of the vote so was given £4,000; and UNAIDS received 14% so was given £2,800.

It is not clear if any of the beneficiary charities managed to marshal their supporters to vote for them before the Christmas deadline. But, if your charity is ever listed in a beauty parade like this, it would certainly make sense to send an email alert to supporters encouraging them to vote and maximise your charity’s share of the donation.


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