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New Gift Aid recovery and consultancy service launched

GAIN (Gift Aid Income Now) is a new company set up to simplify the Gift Aid collection and recovery processes and enable charities to receive more tax-efficient donations.

GAIN has been set up by Barry Gower in the face of the failure by many charities to maximise their Gift Aid income.

Barry says that recent figures indicate that annual individual charitable giving is around £7.5 billion, yet Gift Aid recovery is only around £450 million. Therefore, of the £2.1 billion (28% of £7.5 billion) available, only around 21% is being collected.


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He adds that it is estimated that if all the donations last Christmas had been given by Gift Aid, charities would have benefited to the tune of £135 million.

GAIN will address this problem by providing two services: a Gift Aid recovery service, and a Gift Aid consultancy service. The former charges only for income generated: fees are calculated as a percentage of the additional Gift Aid recovered.

Barry Gower has specialised in providing IT solutions for charities and associations, and has a background in the financial and retail sectors.

“Gain is the ideal risk-free way for charities to ensure that individual donations are collected in the most tax efficient manner”, said Barry.