RoSPA selects Tumbleweed's anti-spam appliance

Howard Lake | 4 November 2004 | News

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has selected Tumbleweed MailGate to help it deal with spam e-mail, which currently accounts for 60% of all e-mail received by the charity.

RoSPA has implemented Tumbleweed Communications’ MailGate 2.2 anti-spam appliance to try to reduce the amount of time its 120 employees spend sorting and deleting spam from their legitimate e-mail.

RoSPA evaluated a number of different approaches to deal with spam including software and outsourced email-filtering services but decided that an appliance was the best fit for their needs.

Hitesh Mehta, Systems Analyst, RoSPA commented: “We needed a simple but powerful anti-spam solution which we could implement quickly and would require little maintenance, enabling RoSPA to concentrate on our mission without continued frustration. Tumbleweed MailGate 2.2 was the perfect fit for our requirements”.

Tumbleweed’s MailGate 2.2 is an appliance that uses artificial intelligence Intent-Based Filtering (IBF) that analyses the “intent” of e-mail messages much like a human being would.

To further increase the power of MailGate, RoSPA are also using Tumbleweed’s Dynamic Anti-spam Service (DAS), an Internet-based subscription service that downloads updated anti-spam heuristics up to six times per day. By analysing both spam and legitimate e-mail gathered from worldwide sources, the Dynamic Anti-spam Service helps minimise the number of “false positives” – where legitimate e-mail gets blocked by traditional heuristics-based spam filters.

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