Experian launches Prime Performance Modelling

Howard Lake | 18 October 2004 | News

Information solutions company Experian has launched Prime Performance Modelling to help fundraisers identify profitable, new donors in the UK.

Prime Performance Modelling has already been used in the USA where Experian’s clients have found as much as 50% additional list volume while increasing campaign response rates by up to 30%.

By combining clients’ data with Experian’s National Canvasse and Canvasse Lifestyle databases, Prime Performance Modelling’s profiling, segmentation and modelling techniques provide charities with the means to access critical volumes of accurately targeted, responsive data, and identify the highest performing multiple segments within donor databases to locate the best prospects.
It can also help them tap into niche segments where return on investment is high and not over-saturated by direct marketing offers.


Experian say it can be used by charities of any size.

Peter Thompson, Sales Director for Prospect Targeting within Experian’s Marketing Services division, said: “Our latest solution opens the door for fundraisers that want a cost-effective targeting solution that adds significant value to their customer acquisition strategies.”

“Prime Performance Modelling enables charities of any size to unlock the hidden potential within their donor databases by quickly identifying those donors or prospects most likely to respond, convert and provide lifetime value.”

Contact the Prime Performance Modelling Team on 0207 664 1222.