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Accident to child at GDBA's Shades for a Day campaign

Howard Lake | 20 July 2004 | News

Shades for a Day - Guidedogs button featuring cartoon dog
Shades for a Day

Accidents do happen at fundraising events, as Guide Dogs for the Blind Association discovered this month.

Ic Southlondon reports that a seven-year-old boy had to have surgery to his eye after he tripped and fell in his school playground wearing sunglasses as part of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’s (GDBA) Shades for a Day campaign.

Connor Clitheroe was one of an estimated 250,000 people who took part in the day, when people wear sunglasses at work or school and make a donation to GDBA. Children participating need parental consent. Money raised by schoolchildren is split equally between GDBA and the school.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

This accident simply underlines the need for health and safety and insurance issues to be taken into consideration when planning all fundraising events.