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Public confidence in charities increases, says survey

NfpSynergy reports that public confidence in charities has jumped by 25%, with only the army and schools engendering greater confidence.

According to the survey of public trust in institutions, commissioned for NCVO, only schools jumped higher than charities in the ratings. The Royal Mail experienced the biggest decline in confidence, down 13 per cent.

In a previous similar survey in 1996 by the Henley Centre only 33% of people said that they had confidence in charities, and this has often been held to demonstrate a crisis of public confidence in charities.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Joe Saxton of nfpSynergy said: “What our research shows is that confidence in charities has leapt since the 1990s and the current third place out of sixteen organisations is very respectable. Of course, confidence could be higher, but our belief is that the fundamental issue is not the absolute level of confidence, but whether that confidence by the public is based on an accurate understanding of how modern charities work.”

The nfpSynergy research was carried out in July and November 2003.