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Winner of first mobile charity lottery announced

Howard Lake | 6 May 2004 | News

Million-2-1 and NSPCC have run what they claim is the “first mobile charity lottery”.

The NSPCC mobile phone lottery has announced its first winner, Claire Raikes, who received £1,000 this week.

Scott Davies, Game Development Director at Million-2-1, the licensed lottery manager which operates the lottery, is confident that mobile lotteries will prove effective fundraising tools. “Mobile lotteries put a donation mechanism into the hands and handbags of charity supporters 12 or more hours a day”, he said.


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Susan Davies of NSPCC added: “By giving 35% of the ticket value back to us – 75% more than their legal duty, Million-2-1 made this a really effective way for us to raise money to help prevent child abuse.”

The first winner, Claire Raikes, runs a virtual community acting as a money mentor to the ‘fiscally challenged’. Claire intends to spend the money on a trip to Central America, where she will donate £100 of her winnings directly to another children’s charity, Casa Alianza.