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Special interest group warns of trust scam against charities

Howard Lake | 25 April 2004 | News

The trusts special interest group of the Institute of Fundraising has warned of a scam against charities based on a cheque purportedly from a grant-making trust.

According to the special interest group’s email newsletter: “A trust sends you a cheque for, for example, £2,000 but then rings to say an administrative mistake has been made and you should in fact have only received £1,000.

“The charity subsequently issues a cheque for the difference and the original “donation” bounces at the bank. Cheques are forged and look to be from reputable trust organisations.”


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So, keep an eye out for any cheques that don’t look right, even if they appear to come from a trust. And be very suspicious if a trust contacts your organisation asking for a refund due to an administrative error.