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Justgiving offers customised online event fundraising service

Justgiving’s new service enables charities to create branded microsites under their chosen domain name, offering Justgiving’s online giving facilities to their supporters.

The Leukaemia Research Fund is the first to showcase the new capability with its London Bikeathon site.

Cathy Gilman, Leukaemia Research Fund’s head of fundraising, said: “In recent years event fundraising has played a major role in raising the Fund’s public profile. By customising the Justgiving site to our brand we are hoping to achieve even more in terms of supporter retention and brand awareness.”


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Justgiving is developing two further customised solutions for the Leukaemia Research Fund for launch later this month – the child-safe Big Bikeathon site and Alastair Campbell’s London Triathlon challenge site.

The new customisation service offers other options as well as design. Charities can now capture additional data, beyond postal and e-mail addresses, from their sponsored event fundraisers and/or donors, to help gain a deeper understanding of supporters’ profiles and attitudes.

They can also customise donation confirmation screens and automatic e-mails. Creative use of these facilities could help fundraisers to drive more traffic to a their charity’s Web site, or raise awareness of other aspects of its work among new donors.

Most importantly, the customised site will be hosted on a dedicated domain belonging to the charity, rather than a sub-directory at the justgiving.com address. This ensures that the Web address of individual fundraising pages reflect the charity’s brand and, equally importantly, all automatic e-mails originate from that domain and not that justgiving.com.

Justgiving’s media officer James Grieve said: “Because customisation options are built onto Justgiving’s existing fundraising platform, the service is faster and considerably cheaper than building a micro-site from scratch. Every site comes with our highly regarded telephone and e-mail customer support service, so charities can be sure its supporters are in safe hands.”

Future customised services from Justgiving include registration, earmarked appeals and membership.

Since it launched in 2001, Justgiving has handled over £5 million in donations to 550 charities.