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UKRag.net offers resources for student rag societies

Howard Lake | 26 January 2004 | News

Rag societies have an excellent resource to help them improve their fundraising activities at UKRag.net.

At the heart of the site is a series of Web-based forums which allow rag societies and their members to share advice, fundraising tips, and information on a wide range of organisational elements of running rag events and rag weeks. The system is well used with nearly 400 registered members and over 12,000 messages.

Based on the open source phpBB system, the forums also include a calendar for upcoming rag events, a list of resource documents, and links to various useful Web sites, including UK Fundraising, and the sites of recipient and partner charities.


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The discussions are broad-ranging, and can often prove useful beyond the focus of rag activities. For example, in October 2003 there was discussion about the charitable status of Greenworld Association, which has its Web site at www.greenworld-charity.org. Even today the organisation’s Web site mentions “our branches of charity” and “donate to charity”, but there is no registered charity number anywhere on its pages. The Forum members swung into action and contacted the organisation’s ISP and the Charity Commission. In the end though, the organisation seems to be legitimate, although it is still not a registered charity.

The UKRag.net resource is a very good example of how volunteer fundraisers can collaborate and share expertise using the Internet.

View the response to the concerns about Greenworld Association at UKRag.net.