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Diss disappointed with Christmas fundraising

Christmas-coloured lightbulbs - image: Pixabay.com
Christmas street lights.

The Chamber of Trade in Diss has had a remarkably disappointing response to its appeal to fund the Norfolk town’s Christmas lights: businesses and residents stumped up just £5.

Few fundraising appeals can have been as unsuccessful as that by the Chamber of Trade in Diss for the town’s Christmas lights. According to the BBC, the Chamber sent out 250 appeal letters to shops and businesses in the town, and appealed for donations and volunteer help from residents with a poster and newspaper campaign.

One shop worker, out of 6,500 residents, donated £5. Last year the appeal raised £5,000.


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The town’s Mayor Cyril Grace told the BBC that last year’s success had been down to “the hard work of a lot of individuals who saw people face to face but you can’t keep going on doing that for ever. It always come back to the same few people that do all the work.”