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Amazon.co.uk extends affiliate programme to include 3rd party sales

Howard Lake | 14 November 2003 | News

Online retailer Amazon.co.uk will now pay its affiliates 2.5% in referral fees for third-party sales they generate, in addition to the usual referral fees they receive for thousands of Amazon.co.uk products.

Many charities earn income by acting as Amazon Associates or affiliates and sending paying customers from their Web site or e-mail newsletters to the Amazon.co.uk Web site. Amazon will pay up to 15% for each book, CD, video or other item sold as a result of such a visit.

Now Amazon is letting affiliates earn income from generating third party sales on its Web site. The 2.5% commission will apply to all sales generated in the Amazon Marketplace area, where individuals can sell new and used items.


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This development is temporary although Amazon.co.uk say that they are considering extending it into next year.

Whether that happens or not, this should help boost pre-Christmas income for Amazon.co.uk affiliates.

If you haven’t explored earning income from your Web site as an Amazon.co.uk associate, find out more from Amazon.co.uk.