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Ethical careers service launched

Howard Lake | 25 June 2003 | News

Entrepreneur and ethical businesswoman Anita Roddick has given her support and backing to a new Ethical Careers Service.

Roddick explains: “The Ethical Careers Service has been set up to help those who have an active conscience and who have made the decision to work in a way that doesn’t compromise their fundamental beliefs.

“Until now there’s been very little help and support for graduates wanting an alternative to working for what they perceive to be an unethical company. The Careers Service has been designed to inform, advise and support individuals through the process of deciding on and establishing an ethical career.”


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Ethical Career Services manager, Emma Farley says that traditional careers ./guidance has usually tended to overlook the ethical sector. “Indeed many careers services probably don’t even know what the ethical sector is. Research statistics show that nine out of ten graduates are making decisions on whether or not to accept a job based on how ethical the organisation is. This is a rising trend, it’s not a fad.”

The service is not a recruitment agency, but aims to showcase the diversity of career options available. An ethical job could include working for companies that recycle their office waste and look after the well being of their staff or those that practise corporate social responsibility and demonstrate their commitment to putting something back into the community.

The Ethical Careers Service is being run by the non-profit student campaigning network People & Planet. The service costs £15 for a one-year subscription for UK individuals, £22 for individuals living outside the UK and £50 per year for organisations such as a careers service or student’s union. Proceeds from subscriptions help to cover the costs of running the Ethical Careers Service.