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The greatest gift of all?

Family exchange Christmas presents beside a tree, some on a sofa. Source: BlackIllustrations.com
Giving presents.

Instead of giving Christmas gifts just to your friends and loved ones, why not give a gift to people that would really make a difference?

At GreatGifts you can buy and send school desks, low-tech equipment and clean water well equipment to schools, hospitals and communities in the developing world.

The idea is not new of course. Heifer International pioneered it online two years ago, as UK Fundraising reported in November 1998.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Nevertheless, the idea of charities encouraging supporters to make a gift to them instead of a Christmas, wedding or birthday gift is still largely untried. The humour and aptness of shopping list offers such as that from Heifer International could be applied to many other charities’ funding needs.