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Europe's wealthiest 400

Howard Lake | 19 December 1999 | News

Eurobusiness has published a list of the 400 wealthiest people in Europe. These people are worth at least ‚€450 million. Indeed, 165 of them are euro-billionaires, according to Eurobusiness.
The top three are Lilliane Bettencourt of France, Theo Albrecht, of Germany and Dietmar Hopp of Germany. Britain doesn’t get a look-in until number 48 with Bernie Ecclestone.

The report includes a list of the wealthiest families in Europe. Top is Germany’s Albrecht company, followed by Sweden’s Rausings, and German’s Hoffman and Ori family.
Unfortunately there was no sign of the wealth rankings on the Eurobusiness Web site. The report appears in the January 2000 issue of Eurobusiness magazine, available from newsagents at £1.50.


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