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Anthea Turner encourages charities online

Howard Lake | 19 December 1999 | News

TV celebrity Anthea Turner has encouraged charities to get online. Helping to launch free charity ISP Care4free, Anthea said: “charities should utilise the opportunities that the Internet brings as much as possible. I think it would be a big mistake if they don’t.”

Ms Turner told magazine What’s Online: “the [Care4free] site is excellent. It is obviously excellent for the charities involved – I really think it’s the way forward. The fact that for the charities it’s free is brilliant – they don’t have to pay anything to be on it.” Unfortunately she added “when people normally give money to charity quite a big percentage goes on administration.”

Talking of her own Internet experience Ms Turner said that she hadn’t yet tried Internet shopping, and hasn’t been able to use the Internet recently at home as “there isn’t an ISDN line in there.”


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Still, she is keen for charities to benefit from the Internet. Asked if she though that using the Internet more actively was the way forward for charities, she commented: “they won’t have to go that way, but I think charities should have a good look at it and learn from it.”