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Cold-hearted fundraising? Not at all

Howard Lake | 18 November 1998 | News

Help the Aged’s Heating or Eating appeal for £1 million received considerable media coverage for its stark posters portraying rows of older people’s bodies lying in a morgue. Unveiled on Monday 2 November, the poster caption reads “Thousands of elderly people will stop feeling the cold this winter”.

The campaign was criticised by some for being too hard-hitting, but Help the Aged felt it necessary to highlight the fact that more than twenty thousand older people will die from the cold this winter. Director General of Help the Aged, Michael Lake, said “The disturbing truth is that thousands of vulnerable older people will die as a result of the cold this winter. It is an overwhelming tragedy and I want this shocking image to bring home the reality of these facts. One unnecessary death is one too many.”

Photo copyright Help the Aged 1998.


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