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Howard Lake | 29 July 1998 | News

American Philanthropy Review has launched a new service for nonprofit staff that lets them use the Internet to share documents and save time in the process. GuestShare(tm) is located on the CharityChannel site.

Publisher Steve Nill explains: “If you have a document such as a sample grant proposal, charitable trust, article, chart, solicitation letter, brochure, PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheet, or any other file that you believe would be of interest to your colleagues, send [it] to Gu********@Ch************.com. If we agree it would be of sufficient interest, we’ll display it on the GuestShare site and provide a link for visitors to download the file.”

As Nill says, you can then announce to other colleagues that your file can be downloaded from the site. As a result you can avoid having to distribute the file individually to numerous enquiries.


Gift acceptance and due diligence course by Kerry Rock. Background image (filtered yellow) of one hand on the left with thumb down, and on the right a hand with a thumb up.

The GuestShare(tm) system is free of charge, and is offered as a public service of American Philanthropy Review.