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How to fundraise #1

Howard Lake | 9 July 1998 | News

Charities Aid Foundation has published How to: Running a Public Collection, a guide to successful public collections. It provides comprehensive advice to charities and fundraisers on planning and achieving results from public collections.
Written by Jennie Whiting, Running a Public Collection demonstrates how charities, both large and small, can adapt basic principles described in the book to reap the rewards of a well-run campaign.

The first four sections of the book deal with many different types of collections. Whether a house-to-house campaign or a flag day, the reader is given step-by-step advice on planning a collection; recruiting and training volunteers; budgeting and record-keeping and over-coming problems. Section five describes the common skills and knowledge needed to organise any public collection, including judging the market and understanding the legislation governing this type of fundraising activity.
Jennie Whiting believes that, “a successful public collection brings many benefits in addition to raising money. These include generating other offers of help, raising awareness and giving visible evidence of your charity’s presence. I am confident that this book will point the way for all charities involved to help improve their fundraising.”
Designed for both absolute beginners and experienced fundraisers, Running a Public Collection is an invaluable guide to planning and improving the performance of public collections.
Find out how to order the £7.95 book securely online from the UK Fundraising Bookshop.


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