Why your supporters are wealthier than you expect. Course details.

From the horse's mouth

Howard Lake | 24 May 1998 | News

Fundraising consultants are developing impressive Web sites to sell their expertise. In so doing they offer varying amounts of freely-accessible advice based on their experience. Two examples from the US are Terry Axelrod and Tony Poderis.

Ms Axelrod offers the contents of her $5,000 Raising More Money course. She explains why individual giving should become the centerpiece of your fundraising strategy, what a breakthrough in individual giving would look like for your organisation, how to make that breakthrough happen (a model for building a self-sustaining individual giving programme), and concludes by explaining how to tailor the model to your organisation.

Tony Poderis meanwhile is running a forum this month and encouraging fundraisers to share their questions and experience in a public discussion. In April he hosted a forum on “The delicate subject of rating and evaluating individual prospects: asking for how much?” This month the subject is “So, you were asked to volunteer and to work on a fundraising campaign!”.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

Tony has also published the text of two Chapters of his book, It’s a Great Day to Fund-Raise! You can read Chapter 7 about rating and evaluating prospects and chapter 15 on Assessment and Review: What Was Accomplished and What Was Learned.