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Trading places

The Barclays/NGO Finance Charity 100 Index reports that charities which compete head on with the private sector in commercial trading are reaping big rewards. Net income from trading for the UK’s largest charities, is now well over £100 million a year and has more than doubled since 1992, including a sharp rise in the latest year of more than 18 per cent.

The Charity 100 Index, sponsored by Barclays Global Investors, shows that trading is growing faster than any other income stream. While the Index for total income has only just passed the 1,500 mark, the trading income sub index now stands at 2,069, a gain of 320 points over the last year.

Andrew Cornwell, editor of NGO Finance, said “Despite this rapid rise, trading still provides only 3% of total income for the Charity 100 Index – but it is especially valuable to charities because they are not usually restricted in how they use the profits”.


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