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UK fundraisers certified

Howard Lake | 13 April 1998 | News

ICFM will launch its professional qualification, the Certificate in Fundraising Management, at Charityfair on 21 April at the Business Design Centre, Upper Street, London N1. Six years in development, the Certificate in Fundraising Management will be open to all fundraisers, paid or unpaid, and will recognise for the first time, the attainment of an accepted standard of fundraising competence.

The Certificate enables charities, voluntary organisations and those who work in support of them to:
recognise formally the development of fundraisers
establish a means for relating common core standards of fundraising practice across the sector
provide a flexible structure for fundraising education and training development
accredit a wide range of different training opportunities and qualifications available now within the sector that meet the standards set by the ICFM.

The Reception will be held jointly with the Open University, to whom the Institute has approved licenced provider status for their course Winning Resources and Support (B794).


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