Exclusive! European Grants CD-ROM – save 5%

Howard Lake | 1 April 1998 | News

A row pf flagpoles outside a building. The flags of the countries of the European Union are flying against a clear blue sky.

In an exclusive deal, UK Fundraising readers can save a further 5% on European Grants Ltd’s remarkable 1998 EU Grant Locator CD-ROM and Internet update service.
This CD-ROM contains outline details of grants available from the European Commission, European Union grant details (including the official ./guidance/application notes and full application forms), a comprehensive search facility, and a link to the Internet to receive continuous up-to-date details. If you are trying to raise funds from Europe, this is an essential tool.
UK Fundraising has negotiated an exclusive 5% discount on this product for charities and nonprofits in the UK and elsewhere. This could save you up to £24.95! Find out how to order your copy at this discount price, or find out more about these products from European Grants Ltd. You could order direct from them, but you would be paying the full charity price, so hurry back to UK Fundraising to claim your discount.