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Beest is software for fundraising that will help you attract more donors, increase both your customer satisfaction and your customer lifetime value. Whether you are doing your fundraising door to door, canvassing, events, streets or through an agency or having in-house operations, Beest will provide a complete solution for your field fundraising operation.

Our app for fundraisers can run on IOS, Android or as an web application and our management/admin portal can run on most web browsers out there.

Beest includes modules and functionality like; recruiting module, timesheets, live maps, gamification, campaign management, on the spot payments and digital contract with signature, advanced dashboards and detailed reporting tools. In addition we have features like campus training and knowledge tests for the fundraisers and customer surveys and smart QA/Fraud control.

Everything tied together in a way to help you maximize your results and increase efficiency in your field operations.

Go to our website at beest.app for more information and book a demo with us to see the full potential of Beest.