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As a fundraiser, you’re constantly tracking the amount donors give, when donors give, and why donors give. The problem with having all this information is that fundraisers don’t always have the resources to analyze their donor data to make valuable insights and predictions. However, KIT is here to solve this problem!

KIT is a donor insights and fundraising reporting tool powered by artificial intelligence that identifies opportunities in your CRM database. KIT integrates seamlessly into your pre-existing CRM to provide accurate insights, actionable predictions, and a host of reporting tools. 

This article will outline what KIT is and how it can help you take your fundraising to the next level. 

KIT’s Donor Insights and Predictions 

KIT’s algorithms analyze your historical giving data to spot trends and communicate the likelihood of future outcomes.

For example, KIT can provide insights into how engaged each donor is, how they tend to give, and where they are in their donor journey. 

To take a closer look, let’s focus on KIT’s Donor Score insight. 

Find out how KIT’s donor insights can help find more monthly and major donors hidden in your database.

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KIT’s Donor Score Insight

The Donor Score insight rates your donors’ levels of engagement with a score from 0-100. Scores are assigned based on a donor’s largest donation and number of contributions over time, relative to all other donors. 

Donor scores chart. Fundraising KIT

This prediction segments donors into three categories based on their score: Engaged, Promising, Needs Attention. From an organizational perspective, fundraisers can monitor Donor Scores over time to evaluate the success of donor engagement tactics. 

KIT also tells users how much more they could raise by increasing their median donor score. This level of analysis allows fundraisers to ensure the efficiency of their efforts and allocate the correct amount of resources to their donor engagement strategies. 

Additionally, fundraisers can track Donor Scores for individuals. This is especially useful for fundraisers, as the scores tell you who will be most willing to give again and who is at risk of lapsing.

Full name and donor score list - Fundraising KIT

Insights like Donor Score provide fundraisers with actionable information so they can better understand their donors and prioritize their work. 

Going one step further, KIT’s donor predictions provide fundraisers with the knowledge to strengthen specific elements of future appeals. 

KIT’s Likelihood to Recur Prediction

It’s challenging for fundraisers to track and make sense of the data points that indicate whether or not a donor is likely to become a recurring donor.

However, KIT’s likelihood to recur prediction analyzes donation behavior, interaction data, and donor characteristics history to suggest individuals likely to become subscription-based donors.

Likelihood to recur list - Fundraising KIT

More, KIT gives you an idea of how much these donors would be willing to contribute. For fundraisers responsible for monthly giving appeals, this means they can invest time into calling donors with a high likelihood of becoming recurring donors and ask them for the perfect amount. 

KIT’s Major Donor Score

The Major Donor Score prediction is one of KIT’s many donor predictions that analyze giving behavior and identify trends that can lead to more informed appeals. 

A major donor score is an affinity score used to rate current and prospective donors based on their ability to give a major gift. 

Major donor potential list - Fundraising KIT

Major donor scoring is a type of donor segmentation that allows you to identify your most promising major gift prospects and tailor an appeal to meet them where they’re at in their donor journey. 

KIT’s algorithm analyzes giving history and demographic data to identify giving patterns and qualities popular among major donors. For example, a donor’s total donation amount, donation frequency, estimated real estate value, and age are all taken into account.

Fundraisers can use predictions like these to prioritize appeals to donors who are likely to become major donors. 

KIT’s Reporting Features

It’s not always easy to communicate fundraising success to your stakeholders. It can be even more difficult to explain why certain efforts are successful. 

However, with KIT’s reporting features, fundraisers can monitor various fundraising activities and export presentation-ready reports that suggest why changes in fundraising success may have occurred and ways to maintain successful efforts. 

KIT’s Fundraising Dashboards

If you want to take a closer look at any aspect of your fundraising, KIT’s fundraising dashboards allow you to create customizable and easy-to-understand reports. 

In these reports, you can include a variety of widgets that showcase different areas of fundraising. For example, users can include widgets related to campaign success, the distributions of donation sizes, and the lifetime donations of your contacts (shown below). 

Chart in Fundraising KIT dashboard

You can also save your customized dashboards so you can return to your favorite reports in just a few clicks. 

Presentation Ready Reports

If you’re looking for a report with a bit more style and context, KIT’s presentation-ready reports are perfect for you. 

These reports include everything a PowerPoint presentation would, including an introduction, table of contents, and an overview of fundraising success. Also, the presentation-ready reports examine several fundraising areas, including recurring gifts (shown below), gift sizes, and donor acquisition and retention.

Recurring donor charts - Fundraising KIT

These reports are perfect for busy fundraisers looking to explain the context behind their fundraising success to stakeholders.

How Can I Get Fundraising KIT? 

KIT’s platform, and all of its features, are currently available to Salesforce NPSP, NeonOne, Keela, and Raiser’s Edge NXT users by integrating KIT with their nonprofit CRM. 

Book a personalized demo today to learn more about how KIT can help your organization cultivate strong donor relationships and raise more money.

Your database records and stores all of your donor data points, and, with KIT, you can maximize your data to create accurate insights, actionable predictions, and presentation-ready reports. KIT is your best solution for taking your fundraising to the next level!

Jack Showers, Nonprofit Analyst at Fundraising KIT