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The Guide to Major Trusts 2023/24

The “UK’s definitive detailed guide to grant funding”.

The 17th edition, edited by Abigail O’Loughlin, supplies information on over 1,000 of the largest UK funders. Together they award an annual total of over £7.19 billion. Each grantmaker included in the guide has the potential to give over £250,000.

It includes:

The new edition costs £125 on first publication. The annual guide is often available in public and business libraries, and there is always the most recent edition to choose, available perhaps at a discount.

About Abigail O’Louglin

Abigail is co-author of The Guide to New Trusts 2021/22 and has contributed to several directories at DSC including The Guide to UK Company Giving 2021/22. She holds a MA in Social Research Methods and a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Spanish from the University of Liverpool. Her areas of interest are women’s issues and company giving.


The Guide to Major Trusts is an essential resource in our fundraising toolkit. Having such a comprehensive list of funders ensures that our prospect pipeline remains healthy and we never miss an opportunity.”
Charlotte Otter, Trusts and Foundations Manager, Southampton Hospitals Charity

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