Building communities of trust

Drawing upon a combination of ethnographic research and media and communication theory, Building Communities of Trust: Creative Work for Social Change offers pathways to building trust in a range of situations and communities.

Ann Feldman presents rich examples from her own life and social-impact journey with nonprofit, Artistic Circles, along with supplemental case studies from interviews with 20 to 30-year-olds, to address how to create vibrant, trust-based societies and to determine what works and what doesn’t while advancing towards creating social impact.

These case studies and shared experiences from real life media projects across 30 years, reveal behind-the-scenes stories of challenges, conflicts, and resolutions in global impact efforts ranging from women’s empowerment to water access. The book explains how the success – or failure – of social-impact initiatives depends on power struggles, funding, interpersonal misunderstandings, identity crises, fears, and stereotypes.

The book’s goal is to help aspiring changemakers develop strategies for sustainable social-change projects. It serves as a guide for undergraduates, graduate students, and high-school upperclassmen in environmental studies, business, sociology, gender and sexuality, cross-cultural studies, music, religion, and communications and media.

About Ann Feldman

Ann E. Feldman is a Visiting Scholar in Gender Studies and Sexuality at Northwestern University, USA, and Executive Director of the nonprofit Artistic Circles, USA.


“Dr. Feldman brought her extensive working experience to improve understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds and to help bring peace to the world in her new book Building Communities of Trust. Her radio program shared my music and life story with audiences around the world.”
Chen YiDistinguished Endowed Professor in Music Composition, University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory

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