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Pandemic sees 60% more people dependent on charity donations

Melanie May | 11 February 2021 | News

Figures from In Kind Direct show 60% more people to now be dependent on charity donations, due to the impact of the pandemic.
In Kind Direct distributes consumer goods donated by companies including P&G, Unilever UK, and Kimberly-Clark to UK charitable organisations working in the UK and overseas, connecting companies and products to thousands of charities, community groups, food banks and schools.
It has revealed that:

Today, 11 February, In Kind Direct is launching the #commUNITY campaign, to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage more businesses to come on board and donate products to help families in need across the UK.
Rosanne Gray, CEO In Kind Direct said: 

All our donors make a real difference giving UK families access to everyday essentials and making sure no one gets left behind. With 1 in 5 in the UK currently living in poverty*, its never been more needed. These products are not just important parts of everyday life; they’re vital anchors of ‘normality’ and create a sense of value and self-worth. Cleanliness, food and children’s toys are the cornerstones of the family unit, and without them we see serious damage done to confidence, self-esteem and overall mental health. We want to connect more companies with more communities to distribute more of lifes essentials to where they’re needed.” 


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

* Joseph Rowntree Foundation