CRMs: Concern Mental Health’s use of Nonprofit Cloud

Howard Lake | 15 January 2021 | Blogs

John Slater, Concern Mental Health’s Associate Director of Infrastructure, IT and Informatics, talks about how the charity is using Salesforce’s tools.
Speaking at December’s Dreamforce event, Slater said that the charity uses a range of Salesforce products, in particular Service Cloud, which helps provide “a single source of truth on clients and other constituents”. It also uses Tableau CRM (acquired by Salesforce in 2019) in Experience Cloud, Salesforce’s Digital Experience Platform built on Customer360.
The mental health and wellbeing charity has about 326,000 records which they ran through analytics and developed dashboards to help provide essential insight. For example, it helped them understand whether referrals were coming in at the same rate as before COVID-19 struck. These insights helped it increase the number of people it was reaching. By providing access to self-help resources and facilitating online meetings with health practitioners (Experience Cloud was formally called Community Cloud), it can now provide almost live data to its stakeholders which was not possible before.
Slater adds that Tableau CRM now enables the charity to stream multiple forms of data into one place, such as its telephony data and Service Cloud case data. It has also migrated legacy system information into Tableau CRM.
Overall Slater said that working with has produced an “absolutely huge shift for us”.

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