Over 150 fundraisers awarded qualifications at first virtual CIoF graduation ceremony

Melanie May | 11 December 2020 | News

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s ninth annual graduation ceremony saw 158 fundraisers awarded qualifications on Wednesday (09 December).
This year, the ceremony was virtual for the first time, and 95 fundraisers graduated with the Certificate in Fundraising, 62 with the Diploma in Fundraising and 1 with the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising.

Chief executive Peter Lewis opened proceedings by reflecting on 2020 for charities, fundraising and fundraisers, and commended the graduates on their commitment to their cause, its beneficiaries, and donors during this challenging time:

“Charities have faced increases in demand, which are set to continue into 2021, whether directly COVID related or as an indirect result of the impact of COVID on their causes or the people they serve. It has of course impacted on how graduates could study and be assessed with our tutors and team switching the courses to virtual.”

Emma Louise-Singh, trustee, added:

“Next year will be a challenging one for our sector. Whilst our qualifications won’t make [the challenges] go away, it will arm us with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to do the very best fundraising we can do for our organisations and emerge as even stronger fundraisers the other side.”

The CIoF’s qualifications are internationally recognised. The next Certificate and Diploma courses start in March next year. Both are online, take around an academic year to complete, and require around 6-8 hours per week study time. The Certificate has four modules, covering the fundraising environment, understanding donor behaviour, designing donor communication and fundamentals of fundraising planning. The Diploma is designed for fundraisers with at least three years experience and whose roles include management and strategy responsibilities.

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