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Jingle Jam gaming event raises almost £1m for charity in first two days

Melanie May | 3 December 2020 | News

Annual games charity event Jingle Jam has raised almost £1m (just over $1m) for good causes in its first two days, after raising half of that in just a few hours.

Jingle Jam’s 2020 fundraising season spans the first two weeks of this month and sees streamers across the globe raise funds for 12 charitable projects in both the UK and internationally including The Grand Appeal, Access Sport, One25, Open Bionics, Safe in Our World, and SpecialEffect.

For example, people can choose to donate to The Grand Appeal for a new state-of-the-art facility at Bristol Children’s Hospital, to The Mental Health Foundation to fund research to improve the wellbeing of gamers, to SpecialEffect to fund two new games with EyeGaze, to Access Sport to give 5,000 disabled children access to sport near their homes.

Jingle Jam asks participants to donate £25 or more to one of the projects via Tiltify to access the Jingle Jam 2020 Games Bundle of 35+ PC games and add-on content worth over £400 individually. This includes content for titles such as Among Us and Call Of Duty, as well as full titles such as Starbound and Transistor. There are also official Jingle Jam livestreams, which can be followed at https://www.twitch.tv/yogscast.

The total at the end of day two was £945,642.46, and since its inception in 2011 it has raised over $17.6 million for good causes around the world.

Jingle Jam is recognised as the world’s biggest charity gaming event, and regularly reaches 250,000 unique users over the month, including more than 60,000 live concurrent users at its peak.