Crisis Venture Studio seeks collaborations with start ups working to end homelessness

Melanie May | 2 December 2020 | News

Crisis is looking to invest in new housing, financial service, employment or healthcare solutions aimed at helping to end homelessness.
Through its Venture Studio, which has been set up to invest in, support, and create ventures to end homelessness, Crisis will collaborate with business leaders, experts, funders, researchers, and start ups working on solutions that have the potential to, or are already:
– Preventing homelessness at a societal or individual level
– Creating new housing
– Tackling the root causes of homelessness, such as;
– Creating pathways to employment
– Improving access to housing, finance, healthcare, and wellbeing services
It is now actively scouting for start ups to join it. Crisis will provide funding, regular access to users for testing and co-creation, and share its data and market insights, as well as its connections to partners and investors who can help with providing lived experience of homelessness, mentoring and coaching, distributing products in market and scaling businesses for the long term.
The charity expects to to invest in its first portfolio in early 2021, and is holding regular Meet and Greet sessions for those interested in finding out more, with further information also on its site. Its next online session is on 8 December, and applications close on 8 January.

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