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Youth Endowment Fund calls for input to help it set next three years’ priorities

Youth Endowment Fund calls for input to help it set next three years’ priorities

The Youth Endowment Fund is looking for people and organisations working to keep children safe from violence to help it set its priorities for the next three years.

Founded with an endowment from the Home Office, the charity will invest £200 million over ten years to find the most effective ways to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in violence. Launching its ten-year strategy today, it is asking for input to help decide on the areas of focus for 2021-2023.

The Youth Endowment Fund will also be talking to children and young people who have experience of being involved in violence to further help it understand how it can make the most difference in the next three years.

The call is part of an ongoing commitment set out in the charity’s strategy to work with partners as it funds promising work, works out what really makes a difference to reducing violence and making sure this knowledge is put into practice in communities across England and Wales.

Victoria Atkins, Safeguarding Minister, said:

“The Youth Endowment Fund is a long-term investment to help the next generation achieve their potential and lead positive, fulfilling lives. It is crucial to prevent young people from being drawn into violence and criminality and to intervene early where they are at risk. The Youth Endowment Fund strategy published today sets out a way forward to make this happen.”

Jon Yates, Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund, said:

“The Youth Endowment Fund’s 10-year strategy is an ambitious long-term plan to use evidence, expertise and young people’s voices to make children’s lives safer.

“When children become involved in violence it’s devastating to them, their families and their communities. Preventing violence is complex. There isn’t a simple solution. But – together – we have a once in a generation opportunity to find what works best and make change happen to keep our children safe.”

Once people have filled in a brief online form, the Fund will get in touch to let them know how they can get involved – such as through joining an online roundtable event, filling in a survey or meeting with a member of its team for an informal chat.

It is keen to know how the Youth Endowment Fund can help people and organisations keep children and young people safe, views on its priorities for future grant rounds and how it can better support applicants. The Fund will also ask about the kind of evidence they use when making decisions about their work with children and young people, the sort of evidence that would be most useful and how they would like to access it.

The Youth Endowment Fund will be talking to people over the next three months to decide what its priorities are, before producing a report in early 2021 on the decision made for the theme of its next grant round.

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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