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Fifth of Brits have donated to charity in last three months

Fifth of Brits have donated to charity in last three months

One in five people in the UK have donated to charity in the last three months, despite the pandemic’s impact on finances, YouGov research has found. 

YouGov looked at YouGov Profiles to find out what proportion of Brits had donated in the past three months, as well as insights into who had been giving. Examining data on over 17,000 people who had donated in the past three months, it found that donors were most likely to be older people, with 48% being aged 55 and above, followed by 40-54 year olds, at 23%.  They were also more likely to be female than male with 54% of those that had given identifying as such.

More donors gave money as an ad hoc event (51%) than as part of a regular donation schedule (43%). One in nine (11%) however gave ad hoc donations as well as structured contributions.

YouGov’s research also looked at how much disposable income those who had donated said they had. Those that gave tended to have less than those that didn’t, with 18% of donors saying they had just £1-£125 disposable income, 15% having £125-£249, and 14% of donors saying they had £250-£499 to spare. In comparison, 9% of those who had donated were in the bracket for the most disposable income (£1000+), and 6% in the bracket below that (£750-£999).

The top five causes donated to were:

  • Health and medicine (30% of those who had donated)
  • Animals – 27% of donors
  • Children – 20% of donors
  • Community –  12% of donors
  • Environment & conservation – 11% of donors

YouGov also noted that people who had donated in the last three months were more likely than non-donors to agree with the statements “I make an effort to support local business” (75%, compared to 67% of the general population) and “I try to buy products made in my home country (64% vs 56% of all Britons). 

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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