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Public poll shows strong support for charities during pandemic

Public poll shows strong support for charities during pandemic

Public support for charities remains high during the Covid-19 pandemic with just 25% expecting to decrease the amount they give to charity over the coming months, and 18% expecting to increase it, according to research by nfpSynergy.

The recent survey by nfpSynergy, conducted between 22-24 March, also found that 57% of the public believe that charities should continue to engage in fundraising with the public, and want to see them taking an active role in providing support during the crisis.

64% want to see charities providing day to day support for at risk people, followed by funding or carrying out medical research (41%) and providing volunteers at hospitals (40%). Further down the list are providing advice and information (27%) or campaigning on behalf of vulnerable beneficiaries (13%).

So far, only 8% of respondents have donated to a charity responding to the outbreak, but 66% said they are willing to consider doing so. Around half (51%) would consider volunteering while 47% would consider fundraising for such a charity. 17% also said they had already started helping out in their community without charity involvement, and a further 60% would consider doing so.

The survey also asked people if they would still consider supporting other causes during the outbreak. Cancer was top of the list, chosen as a favourite cause by 30% (compared to 43% in the most recent Charity Awareness Monitor survey), with other health and medical causes coming in second at 26%, compared to 22% in the most recent Monitor survey. Older people as a cause however has risen significantly to take third place at 25%. In Q4 2019, 16% of respondents listed it as one of their favourite causes.

An interactive dashboard is available for free to explore the full dataset here.


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