Give As You Live research advises how charities can engage better with younger people

Howard Lake | 18 March 2020 | News

Online fundraising platform Give as you Live Donate has published its latest white paper focussing on how charities can make their offering more relevant to younger people.
Give as you Live Donate’s research confirms that this is an ongoing challenge for many charities face, despite their acknowledgement that attracting younger donors is essential for them over the longer term.
The survey that underpinned the research asked respondents if their charity had a specific plan for targeting volunteers and donors under the age of 25. The result were:


Statistic from GAYL research into giving by younger people

Online fundraising platforms are not surprisingly the most popular way for donors under 25 to give to charity.

Annabelle Risdon, Director and Head of Partnerships at Give as you Live, said:

“An over-reliance on older volunteers can also be a problem at certain charity events geared towards younger people. Charities should think about what skills, incentives and experiences younger people will get out of volunteering work as many want to receive more than just a sense of doing good.”

The report includes advice on how best to measure the understanding of younger peoples’ values, together with tips on how to target younger people “via innovative communication methods”.

Younger donors are particularly concerned about how donations are spent - from GAYL's research report

GAYL’s research also explored the importance to younger donors of how donations are spent. Image: GAYL white paper

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You can download a free copy of Give As You Live’s white paper.

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