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For free withdrawals and a high interest rate, let’s all invest in the #FundraisingBank

For free withdrawals and a high interest rate, let’s all invest in the #FundraisingBank

Have you ever tweeted fundraising gold, or posted a thought-provoking thread on Facebook or LinkedIn? Or perhaps you’ve been racking your brains about a strategy-informing thread you once read, but can’t find either for love nor money? Of course you have.

But you’re not alone. Many fundraisers,  consultants and journalists regularly share their thoughts, wisdom and expertise on social media. Some invest huge amounts of time preparing their brilliant insights, opinions and, dare I say it, funny fundraising puns.  But such pearls of wisdom and wit are often lost in the throng of digital imprints. They’re lonely. Lifeless. They grasp at passing tumbleweeds for sustenance, longing for a retweet, some engagement. Or even just a little like.

Photo of ATM Withdrawals are free at the #FundraisingBank

Put it in the #FundraisingBank

There’s a simple solution to this problem that comes in the form of a humble cashtag. Oops, hashtag! I’m proposing that fundraisers, journalists and consultants start depositing their super ideas with the hashtag #FundraisingBank, across all social media platforms; a tool that will enrich all who invest in it.

One of my first deposits in the #FundraisingBank was this superb thread by fundraising consultant Angela Cluff. It neatly describes several fundraising truths lurking behind the £800m pledged to the Notre Dame restoration effort, just 48 hours after the horrific fire. This has already accumulated 778 retweets and 1.7k likes at the time of publishing this blog.

Another huge swag poked through the virtual counter’s window featured Simon Scriver’s hilarious, yet poignant, “What will fundraising look like in the year 2020” video.


Who’d want to lose these? Exactly. So, next time you want to share a golden fundraising nugget, don’t forget to put it in the #FundraisingBank – withdrawals are free and the interest rate’s high. Plus you don’t even need to remember a pesky pin number!

But before I logoff my account, I must pay credit to Howard Lake for encouraging me to start blogging again. I’ve been dormant for a while, but promise to cheque-in regularly from now on.


John Thompson is director of fundraising and recruitment services at Changing Business

John Thompson is a fundraising consultant with particular expertise in cause-marketing, sponsorship, strategy development, partnership marketing and executive recruitment. A blogger on UK Fundraising since 2006 with a background in corporate fundraising and public relations.

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