The Good Exchange adds new CRM & WhatsApp features

Melanie May | 7 June 2019 | News

Online matching platform The Good Exchange has updated its online charitable giving solution to enable the sharing of the information its single application form gathers from good causes seeking funding with the CRM systems used by funders to manage their grant making processes.
Additional new functionality includes integration with WhatsApp, allowing users to add a WhatsApp ‘share’ icon on their organisation and/or fundraising project page. This enables charities and community groups using The Good Exchange as well as visitors to their organisational and fundraising project pages to share links and personalised information with their contacts to publicise fundraising activities and drive more donations.

Developed in partnership with CRM consultancy, Hyphen8, the new CRM functionality is available to all registered funders on The Good Exchange and will allow users to create a comprehensive extract of the grant application data from all projects that have been auto-matched or shortlisted to their grant giving criteria and import the data into their CRM-based grant management systems.
Any grant-giving organisation, such as a charitable foundation or trust, using a CRM system to manage their grant funding, could populate their database systems from this extracted data and use it to enhance their decision making while maintaining their own grant management and due diligence processes.

The first organisation to use the new functionality will be Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF), which will be importing over seventy fields of information about each matched or shortlisted charitable project directly into its Salesforce CRM system to augment the grant management process and enable the Foundation to communicate better with charitable organisations looking for grants.
Jayne Woodley, CEO, OCF, said:

“We strongly believe that collaboration and integration is the way forward in the charitable funding sector. This new functionality will allow us to quickly and easily extract the data about all shortlisted and matched charitable projects directly from The Good Exchange platform into our Salesforce CRM solution, increasing the efficiency of our grant administration processes and decision-making as well as facilitating greater engagement with the causes that we support.”

Ed Gairdner, COO of The Good Exchange, said:

“We’re always looking for ways to innovate and evolve our platform to augment its charitable matching capabilities and make the grant management and application process faster and easier for everyone.
“Thanks to the skills of the Hyphen8 CRM services team, we’ve been able to start the journey towards a seamless integration between our not-for-profit platform and leading grant-management and CRM solutions. The sharing of information between The Good Exchange’s single application form and grant makers’ own grant management, CRM systems and application forms will facilitate the matching of charitable fundraising projects to as many grants as possible whilst allowing Trustees to retain full control over the grant making process.”

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