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GivePanel launches to help charities build relationships with Facebook fundraisers

GivePanel launches to help charities build relationships with Facebook fundraisers

A new online service has launched to help charities with the management of their fundraisers.

GivePanel aims to make it easier for charities to build relationships with fundraisers on Facebook. Version 1 has just opened up to charities via a wait-list after testing with Private Beta customers, and will enable charities to upload their Facebook CSV report, view a visual analytics dashboard showing Facebook fundraising results visually with graphs and totals, and see a separate, filterable list of fundraisers.

It will also allow charities to create custom labels to track which fundraisers they have thanked and how each has responded. In addition, a Chrome Extension will power a “panel” that sits alongside each specific fundraising page to make it easier to edit the labels and post templated messages to fundraisers.

GivePanel is cloud based so can be accessed through an internet browser, and has also been built to be GDPR compliant. Pricing for the service will start with a monthly subscription and increase depending on how many donations a charity needs to manage.

It has been created by Nick Burne (pictured), Managing Partner at Nick Burne Consulting, where he is Lead Digital Strategist for the International Rescue Committee and UNICEF’s international digital fundraising.

Burne said:

“We love the Facebook Giving Tools. They have helped to raise a lot of money for large and small charities for free, but they’re not without their niggles. We spoke to one charity that had 16,000 supporters set up Facebook fundraisers (many of them new) but they hadn’t thanked a single one of them because they weren’t sure how to go about it and were worried about how long it would take.

“Many charities we talk to are getting called by supporters wondering why the charity has not reached out to them to thank them. This is both bad for the charity and the sector too. This is what inspired us to build GivePanel.”


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