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63% happy for a friend to donate in their name as a Christmas gift

63% happy for a friend to donate in their name as a Christmas gift

People are generally happy for others to make a donation in their name rather than buy them a gift, a survey by Charity Checkout has shown.

Charity Checkout commissioned independent research company Maru/Usurv to survey 1,000 members of the public on their attitude towards receiving charitable donations as a gift. The survey showed that 63% would be happy for a friend to make a charitable donation as a gift in their name, with only 10% unhappy with the idea.

The survey also asked how people felt about a family member making a donation as a Christmas gift in their name. It found that 59% would be happy for a family member to do so with only 16% against the approach.

62% also supported the idea of a colleague making a donation in their name, with 11% against the idea.
Jamie Newton, Marketing Manager at Charity Checkout, said:

“The results from this research are very encouraging, only a small proportion of the public hold reservations about receiving a charitable donation in their name as a Christmas gift. With 89% responding in a neutral or positive manner to a colleague donating on their behalf we should all be encouraged to swap a Secret Santa present to a charitable donation.”



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